Khizr Muazzam Khan
Attorney at Law

Complex Civil Litigation eDiscovery

 eDiscovery Services for the Legal Profession:

With the implementation of the ESI (Electronically Stored Information) related Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and now per the amendments to the FRCP effective December 1, 2015, and states-enacted counterparts to the federal rules, the handling of electronic discovery has become a risk-management issue for attorneys, including litigants, as well as in-house counsel. Because of our extensive experience in law and technology, we continue to be the bridge in this area for our clients globally.
We offer comprehensive services for lawyers seeking to comply with electronic discovery requirements. Specifically, we offer ESI services related to:

  • Litigants' discovery obligations before and during the litigation process

  • What do courts look for and expect from the litigants and the attorneys throughout the discovery process including advance cooperation of the parties, proportionality of discovery, judicial case management and eDiscovery protocol

  • How to avoid discovery sanctions which could harm your case

  • How to minimize the risk of professional liability or ethics violation under the recent ABA rules regarding attorney technology competency

  • Ways to minimize the time and expense related to electronic discovery

  • Methods of leveraging technology to support your claim

  • Creation and Implementation of  Litigation Hold, eDiscovery Demand and eDiscovery Production

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